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My name is Alex Hearding and I am the owner and operator of Two Dog Solutions. I have an educational and professional background as a safety professional and scientist. I have experience with occupational safety, hydrology, water treatment & and distribution, soil science, wetlands science, and hazardous waste.

In 2009, when the 'Green Rush' happened in Colorado I became a licensed care giver (I legally grew cannabis for patients).

In 2013, a partner and I got the first retail cultivation license in Leadville, CO (The highest city in America!). Because of the federal uncertainty our landlord's bank forced him to kick us out of our facility before we could operate...

I was able to land on my feet and help another Leadville cultivation design, build, and operate their state-of-the-art greenhouse as the compliance and safety officer. (I also did my fair share of horticulture)

Since early 2017 I have been consulting with the industry in multiple ways, but focusing on helping facilities establish successful and compliant safety programs.

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