Operational Development

Standard Operational Procedures Development

Let us help develop and improve your companies standard operational procedures. Every company needs SOPs or an Employee Handbook or Manual. Employees need a reference how to do their task safely, successfully, and compliantly, and employers need the assurance their employees know how to their jobs the way they want them to. We can write a manual as broad and specific as the the company needs. We will include applicable rules and regulations, and a job hazard analysis for each task. We can create SOPs for plant and product operations as well as every other task required in the industry.

Safety Program Development

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Safety Program DEVELOPMENT

Do the right thing and keep your employees safe. We can create an OSHA compliant safety manual for your company. Or we can evaluate and review your current manual, so you don’t have to worry about leaving something out. We can tailor facility specific plans and do on-site hazard identification and assessment to control hazards and create a safe workplace.

Not only will you minimize direct expenses do to injuries, you can help avoid indirect costs that result from workplace incidents such as: lost time due to stoppage and investigations, cost associated with replacing injured workers, and loss or damage to property.

The common plans we address:

  • Company Safety Policy

  • Hazardous Communication Plan

  • Emergency Action Plan

  • Personal Protective Equipment Assessment

  • First-Aid Plan

  • Fire Prevention Plan

  • Energy Control Plan

  • Respiratory Protection Plan

  • Hearing Conservation Plan