Cannabis Occupational Safety Training

The safety and health of employees should be the most important consideration in the operation of any business. Every employer and employee has responsibilities to comply with safety standards and regulations. Safe operations contributes positively to the bottom line. Get the required and necessary training with us.

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6-hour Cannabis Occpational Safety & Health Training

Create a safe and healthy workplace, improve moral, and keep insurance premiums low. OSHA regulations apply to every employer with more than one employee, the cannabis industry is NOT exempt. Stay ahead of OSHA and learn the safety standards and regulations. Protect yourself and the workplace with the necessary training in this industry’s hazards with 6-hour Cannabis Occupational Safety and Health (COSH) training


Worker Protection Standard Pesticide Handler & Agricultural Worker Safety Training


All agricultural workers and pesticide handlers MUST complete an EPA-approved training every 12-months. There is no grace period. Keep safe and help prevent pesticide exposure and illness. Learn everything you need to Know to stay compliant and receive the required documentation under the Worker Protection Standard with our Cannabis Occupational Pesticide Handler & Agricultural Worker Safety Training.